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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

The best way to get rid of bed bugs in your home or business is with the help of professional All Pest Control bed bug treatments.
We use a combination of techniques using conventional and steam treatments which are proven to have a much more successful elimination the first time then with DIY Bed Bug Control solutions or natural home remedies.

The first step to controlling a bed bug infestation is to act quickly, and at the first sign of a problem. This will ensure quick and efficient control and help from bed bugs returning.


Getting Rid of Bed Bugs with All Pest Control

Our tested bed bug treatment programs are the best way to take fast action against a bed bug infestation.

All Pest Control’s  technicians are extensively trained and experienced professionals. They understand the habits and lifecycles of bed bugs and use their knowledge to choose the most effective treatment for bed bugs.


Our innovative range of treatment options will quickly, effectively and discreetly treat bed bugs in your home or business.

A bed bug problem can progress very quickly, and if left uncontrolled can put your business reputation jeopardy.  The presence of bed bugs also poses a high risk of bed bug bites for you and your customers.

Please see our Bed Bug facts below:


Myth: You can’t see bed bugs.
Reality: You should be able to see adult bed bugs, nymphs, and eggs with your naked eye.

Myth: Bed bugs live in dirty places.
Reality: Bed bugs are not attracted to dirt and grim; they are attracted warmth, blood and carbon dioxide. However, clutter offers more hiding spots.

Myth: Bed bugs transmit disease.
Reality: There have been no cases or studies that indicate bed bugs pass disease from one host to another.

Myth: Bed bugs won’t come out if the room is brightly lit.
Reality: While bed bugs prefer darkness, keeping the light on at night won’t deter these pests from biting you.

Myth: Pesticide Applications alone will easily eliminate bed bug infestations.
Reality: Bed bug control can only be maintained through a treatment strategy that includes a variety of techniques plus careful attention to monitoring. Proper use of pesticides may be part of the strategy, but will not by itself eliminate bed bugs. In addition, bed bug populations in different areas of the country have developed resistance to the ways many pesticides work to kill pests. If you’re dealing with a resistant population, some products and application methods may only make the problem worse. It is a good idea to consult a qualified pest management professional (PMP) if you have bed bugs in your home.


Bed Bug Anatomy

Bed Bug Basic Anatomy

Bites, odor, and avoiding smears are an indicator of a bed bug problem. But if you have no reaction to their bites, they may go undetected until you become completely infested.

Bed Bugs are easily confused with other nuisance bugs, making diagnosis of an infestation is best left to the experts at All Pest Control.


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