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Wood Destroying Insect Report

Your buyer found their dream home – Make sure it doesn’t turn into a nightmare of costly repairs in the future by not having a Wood Destroying Insect Report.

A Home Inspection is a great idea – but is it enough?

While a home inspection is a great way to get an answer to many important questions concerning mechanical and structural integrity, the majority of home inspectors are not trained or licensed to provide Wood Destroying Insect Report. It takes training and expertise to provide this type of inspection and assessment. Only structural pest control companies, like All Pest Control can perform the work necessary to secure an official Wood Infestation Report.

All employees are certified through the Virginia Pest Management Association, to complete Wood Destroying Insect Report.

Not even a “Termite Guarantee” guarantees you against other Wood Destroying Insects

If the seller of a home has a “Termite Guarantee,” in place you might think that is enough assurance to forego an inspection. But, in fact, other threats can still remain.

All Pest Controls comprehensive inspection will identify conditions conducive to infestation, as well as other wood destroying insects such as powder post beetles, wood borers, wood decay fungus and carpenter ants, which are not covered under such guarantees.

There’s really only one way to be absolutely sure.


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