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Virginia actually has a pretty humid climate and that humidity can be very hard on a home and your property. Excess moisture is never a good thing in regard to structures and property. Proper Moisture Control is absolutely necessary to avoid issues stemming from excess humidity including:

• Fungus
• Mold
• Water Damage
• Mildew
• Termites
• Pests and many more!


Let the professionals at All Pest Control help you with moisture control. This is a very important piece to keeping your home structurally sound, clean and free of mold, mildew and pests. Unfortunately people will often overlook the key indicators of a problem allowing a small problem to escalate into a huge problem. Prevention is the key! Call All Pest Control today.

Moisture Control Services include:

Insulation Replacement – insulation can absorb and hold moisture, keeping it trapped in your home.

Home Dehumidifiers– reduces humidity in basements and crawl spaces.

Gutter Protection – a proper gutter system keeps gutters from getting clogged and also helps direct rain water away from the home.

Sump Pump Systems – sump pumps work to collect water around the foundation and move it away from the house.

Positive Drain Systems assist in diverting water away from a crawl space or foundation, especially standing water.

Power & Automatic Foundation Ventsto aid in controlling moisture. The vents control the natural airflow to the sub-floor area by redirecting it.

Vapor Barriers – excess moisture in the soil around a foundation can vaporize and diversely affect the integrity of the sub floor area. Vapor barriers help trap the moisture so that it doesn’t vaporize.

The Benefits of Moisture Control:

Allowing All Pest Control to provide moisture control for your home will be advantageous in several ways. First, by controlling the moisture in the crawl space of your home, you will avoid the ravages of dry rot and water damage to your subflooring. By controlling the moisture in the crawl space, humidity is lessened which in turn improves air quality. All of which is a necessity for anyone with asthma or respiratory concerns.

An equally important concern is keeping your home safe from termites, pests and rodents that need moisture to thrive. Moisture control is a major element in preventing termite infestations as well as other types of pest problems.

Contact All Pest Control today to learn more about our valuable Moisture Control service. Our goal is to provide total customer satisfaction by treating everyone fairly and with respect. We care about your home and your health!

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