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Insulation Removal and Replacement Services

Home energy efficiency can be greatly improved by keeping your home in good shape, specifically by keeping your insulation in good shape. Most people don’t think about the insulation in their homes much past the building process. How do you know if it’s in good shape or not?

Insulation behaves like a sponge, wicking excess moisture, thereby damaging the insulation. The insulation over time can degrade and lose some it’s R-value. All Pest Control will inspect the insulation in your home and verify that it is good shape and not trapping moisture which could lead to a pest problem. Upon inspection, if we find that the insulation has been compromised, we are experts in the removal and replacement of insulation and will make sure that it is done correctly and timely, giving you peace of mind.


One common source of increased energy bills is damaged or inefficient insulation and many people don’t even realize it.

All Pest Control home insulation services include:

Home and Insulation Inspection: Our pest management professionals know exactly what to look for when inspecting not only your home, but the insulation in your home as well. We will check for damaged insulation, and excess moisture.

Service Recommendation: Based upon our inspection, we will be able to make recommendations specific to your home. Recommendations that will allow for peace of mind, comfort and a pest free environment.

Insulation Removal: If we find damaged insulation or wet insulation that needs to be removed, we will do so in the courteous, clean manner our customers have come to expect from us.

Insulation Replacement: All Pest Control installs new, top-of-the line insulation that will provide the best value for your dollar. Our customers will see improved energy savings and will be confident that their insulation is not holding moisture or pests.

All Pest Control will install insulation in attics, crawl spaces and other areas where it may be needed. Our Pest management professionals can also provide moisture control which can significantly improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. By improving efficiency, you are essentially lowering your utility bills at the same time.

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