Commercial Pest Services - Multi-Housing Complex’s

Choosing the Best Treatment Solution for You and You’re Residents!

Pest Control for Multi-Housing, pest management services that start before you have a problem!

Every property manager knows when a tenant complains about a pest, it is already too late. All Pest Control Multi-Housing program is designed to stop pest problems before they occur. We prepare a comprehensive plan for each property that utilizes the latest industry tools and environmentally responsible techniques.

Service frequency and procedures are tailored to the needs and conditions of each individual property and may change from time to time to ensure the best results at the lowest possible price.

Key Benefits of All Pest Control’s Multi-Housing Program:

• No hidden charges or callback fees for emergency services.
• Exterior perimeter treatments for the control of seasonal pests such as box elder bugs, wasps, and Asian lady beetles are included in the basic treatment programs.
• Rodent equipment is placed strategically within each building and maintained on a set schedule.
• Follow-up treatments and inspections are made to insure any pest problems have been corrected.
• Additional treatment of bed bugs, pharaoh ants, nuisance birds, animal trapping, and bats available at contract prices.
• A facility Logbook is prepared for each complex documenting pest activity and treatments. These records are kept onsite and are reviewed regularly to decide what procedures should be taken to prevent future problems. The logbooks also contain service reports, MSDS sheets and preparation notices.
• Annual inspections and reports pin-point areas in which pests can enter structures, why pests may be attracted to the structure, and suggested improvements to help prevent future infestations.
• Needless, routine chemical applications will not be made. Chemicals will only be applied when needed and in a responsible manner.


A persistent pest can overcome even the most vigilant preventive measures. In those rare
occasions, you can count on All Pest Control to respond quickly to an urgent service or additional service request. Our prompt response helps you maintain favorable relationships with your tenants.

Bed Bugs? Send in the All Pest Control Team

All Pest Control has the expertise and equipment to completely rid your properties of bed bugs regardless of the size or location of the infestation. All Pest Control is a dedicated bed bug response unit treatments at multiple sites almost every day. Our specially trained, licensed professionals use the most effective industry-leading treatment techniques to kill all life stages of bed bug including eggs, which are the most resilient.

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