Commercial Pest Services - Medical Facility

The sensitive nature of medical facilities requires an equally sensitive approach to pest management.

At All Pest Control we developed solutions specifically tailored to address the needs that are commonly associated with the modern-day healthcare facilities.

In most cases the implementation of our award winning “All Green” program is the preferred solution. Whats unique about our service?


An extensive training program, primarily focusing on Integrated Pest Management(IPM) principles and practices. All Pest Controls “Green Professionals” must have an overall entomological understanding of the pest species and its survival requirements.

Initially utilizing a non-chemical approach to prevent pest populations from gaining access into the living environment. This includes a thorough inspection of the property, structural modification, and pest exclusion, as well as habitat alteration to remove or reduce pest harborages in and around the structure.

We know what it means to be Green in the pest management industry….. that’s the All Pest Promise

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