Commercial Pest Services - Green Pest Control


Are you concerned about pesticides and the impact they can have on the environment? Well, so are we! That’s why All Pest Control developed the “All Green” Program. Our time proven methods are highly successful in drastically limiting pesticide applications while continuing to protect your health and property from pests. The key is our focus on pest prevention rather than correcting after the fact. Our staff can educate you about pest welcoming conditions in your home or your business that, when altered, greatly reduce the need for these products.

All Pest Control is committed to the principles of Integrated Pest Management, or IPM, All Pest Control’s “green” approach is highly effective – All Pest Control uses inspection, monitoring, and proper identification to determine the root cause of pest problems and find a solution.

Everyone can benefit from a green approach. Residential customers and Commercial facilities including “green certified building” will appreciate an emphasis on long-term solution that reduce both pest complaints and pesticide use. For example, by carefully inspecting and sealing gaps and holes in the exterior of structures, pest complaints can be reduced by as much as 65%. A dedicated focus on training also sets All Pest apart. All Pest Control holds a staff training session weekly, coupled with monthly company-wide training events conducted by a Virginia Department of Agriculture Expert, covering pest biology and the latest strategies for effective control with minimal pesticide use.

We know what it means to be Green in the pest management industry….. that’s the All Pest Promise

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