Commercial Pest Services - Builder’s Plans

Conventional Soil Treatment

What is a termite soil treatment?
Termite treatment standards vary depending on the type of new construction. For example; monolithic slab, raised roch slab, beach house, crawlspace, or a combination of these construction types require termiticide application to the areas where the structure encounters the soil. The volume of termiticide require to be applied depends upon the construction style.

A termite soil treatment service includes treating all the soil below slab construction homes, treating all the soil around plumbing penetrations, all the soil below dirt filled porches, all the soil below slab garages, all soil adjacent to the interior of crawl space foundation walls, around piers, inside all voids, and the exterior perimeter of all construction types once the final grade of soil has been established.

Bora-Care Pre-Treatments

Why treat the wood?

There are times during construction when a standard soil treatment cannot be performed due to poor weather or scheduling. The Bora-Care treatment process will allow the build to continue working without last time. In addition, All Pest Control can perform the service without interrupting the building process and provide the property owner with a repair warranty.

What do we treat? When do we treat?

This service requires the treatment of all the wooden members in the structure that come in contact with the slab from the slab two feet up. Including interior partition walls, interior foundation walls, attached garage and exterior foundation walls.

This service is to be performed once the “dried in” stage of construction completed. The structure is framed, exterior and interior walls are in place and the roof is on. No house wrap on the exterior, no shows or tub units are to be installed, no insualtion in the walls, no electrical or pluming in the walls until the wooden members are treated.

Treatment to all the wooden members in contact with the slab will be applied from the slab to no less than 24 inches up. These areas need to be accessible and items must be moved away from the areas to be treated, prior to treatment being performed.

ALL PEST CONTROL SOLUTIONS also offers commercial services for rodent control. Some of the businesses and facilities we serve include:

• Medical Facilities
• Industrial and Warehousing
• Multi-Housing Complex’s
• Pre-Construction Treatments

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